Covid-19 and mobility data graphed

  1. Articles and links about Covid-19 testing here
  2. Covid-19 data graphed using data.
    1. This app shows US data.
    2. This app shows State data.
    3. This app shows State comparisons.
  3. Google mobility data graphed using Google data collected for assessing Covid-19 response and social distancing impact on the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. "See how your community is moving around differently due to COVID-19."
    1. This app shows Country mobility comparisons. See for Covid-19 trends by country for comparison.
    2. This app shows Country and State mobility comparisons.
    3. This app shows US State and County mobility comparisons.
  4. Below is a graphic showing the states with the most growth first. The growth estimate is from the rise (rise over run) of the loess (or lowess) smoothing (the adjustable span or smoothing parameter has an initial value 0.25) for each state's new positive cases. It shows the states that have positive and negative trends. The more positive the trend, the more Covid-19 growth (including by count) in that state. Negative trends indicates Covid-19 receding in these states. Check out state data in section 1.b. above. This data updates daily, usually after 6:15PM EST.

    The latest Covid-19 trends by state are shown (more to the right is bad).